About Us


Château Florentine is located in the Chouf district, on the Rouss Hill overlooking the village of Majdel Maouche, equidistant from Beiteddine Palace and the Shouf Cedar Reserve (Barouk), and about 1 hour drive from Beirut. As in all of Lebanon, it is a land of hospitality, gastronomy, and particularly an oriented area towards the protection of nature and environment.

The Yaghi family, settled in Majdel Maouche since generations, has created this project, which is spread over fifteen years, since 1997, for the love of the land and attachment to roots. It is a “titanic” project where a mountainous area has been gradually transformed into terraced vineyards on several zones. This is clearly a project that aims to become a major player in wine production sector in Lebanon in the coming years.

Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars:
1- Enological excellence
2- Continuous innovation
3- Respect of the soil and the land identity.